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wooden door and window frames

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The De Bernardi Carpentry produces and installs floorings and gratings made of first-choice solid teak in saunas, swimming pools and public and/or private outdoor spaces, as well as any other manufactured product such as doors for shower boxes, exterior claddings, shutters, banisters and furnishings in general, in natural or oil finishes (with specific natural oils for teak treatment).

Teak’s long-lasting performance, stability and weather -resistance guarantee long-lasting manufactured products.

Teak is a precious wood species, whose main characteristics are long-lasting performance, stability and weather-resistance. The special structure of its fibers, rich in oleoresin, creates a type of wood with exceptional qualities: it is weather-resistant and it is resistant to fungal, insect, and particularly woodworm attacks. Moreover, the qualities of teak also include self-lubrication, so as to prevent any possible alteration. It is a water-resistant type of wood, it is not affected by changes in humidity, therefore, it has been appreciated very much for centuries not only in the shipbuilding sector, for planking and decks, but also for internal and external structures, for all types of furniture, furnishings, decorations and flooring strips. Thanks to its characteristics, it is suitable for parquet flooring: it does not deteriorate because of humidity and it remains stable after installation.